Food on a plate

The organization of food on your plate is an essential component of good diet, healthy habits and a sound process. Well, maybe it's not quite essential for a good diet. And as habits go, we cannot say with any finality whether this habit is healthy or not. But we can talk about process! I…

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Poetry Day 2023

It is another “Day” today. Poetry day, they say. Look at those two lines Above the line above this one You will see they end in ‘ay” The sounds, you know, align. This alignment is called rhyme Especially when paired with lime There’s something called metre It makes your pome neater If you…

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Yorkshire Dales - photo (c) Ajesh Sharma: There's sheep on them thar hills! EEP - The Pome This pome is going to be very deep When the border collie herds sheep Its actions are controlled by the beep From the shepherd who does keep The border collie and the sheep When they come,…

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The magic of retirement

The Special 100 Irregular Sloword BirthMonth Festival 2021 Featured Guest - Suresh Chandrasekaran After working for sixteen years, Suresh parted ways with his employer to their mutual satisfaction; what the management guys love to call a win-win situation. He was happy to quit because his employer held the illusion that he was there…

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