No Yeast Bread

No Yeast Bread Yeast. It's a thing that causes bread dough to rise. There are other things that can cause bread to rise, other than yeast. Like sourdough starters, which I have used and it was good! See here for more. But what if you have no yeast and no sourdough starter, what…

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Food on a plate

The organization of food on your plate is an essential component of good diet, healthy habits and a sound process. Well, maybe it's not quite essential for a good diet. And as habits go, we cannot say with any finality whether this habit is healthy or not. But we can talk about process! I…

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Coffee It's a wond'rous thing, the use of an apostrophe to replace a single character. I mean, come on, it's the same number of characters! So what did you gain by replacing the "e" with the "'". And try and make sense of the ' and the " when it comes to quotes!…

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Cranberry Scones

Fame I'm going to dispense with the story completely for this very simple recipe for cranberry scones. I did have people critcise the previous recipe for being overly long. It was a summer day, three years ago, when I was at my friend Twane's house. And he, being highly proficient in the kitchen,…

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Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi This, translated literally, is potato cauliflower, where aloo = potato and Gobi is cauliflower. Now, be careful, because there is gobi and then there is gobi. And, as you know, there is the Gobi, which is a desert. (Not dessert!) This is Fool Gobi, where the Fool is a Flower, thus…

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Adventures in Sourdough

Sourdough! Sourdough became the buzzword of the pandemic in 2020.  Everyone who was stuck at home decided to experiment with sourdough. Every one started a sourdough starter and baked sourdough bread. Except I. As is normal in my life, I procrastinated for months before I came under the spell of this wond'rous beast.…

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