Poetry Day 2023

It is another “Day” today.
Poetry day, they say.
Look at those two lines
Above the line above this one
You will see they end in ‘ay”

The sounds, you know, align.
This alignment is called rhyme
Especially when paired with lime

There’s something called metre
It makes your pome neater
If you can’t hack it
Or simply lack it
You can always use blank verse

Now, you expected something
That rhymed with metre
Or neater
But, this is where you curse
At what you now have
In front of you
You know, blank verse

Blank verse,
It can’t get worse
You think
But then the lack of metre
And the malfunctioning heater
The falling rain
And the darkening clouds
The lack of sun
And the clothesline hanging low
With wet clothes
Makes your heart sink
And your brain think

Why the hell did I just read this?

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