Yorkshire Dales – photo (c) Ajesh Sharma: There’s sheep on them thar hills!

EEP – The Pome

This pome is going to be very deep
When the border collie herds sheep
Its actions are controlled by the beep
From the shepherd who does keep
The border collie and the sheep

When they come, rhymes come in a heap
Recall, as you sow so shall you reap
So carefully tread and take a peep
look long and hard before you leap
In to the depths of portry and weep

EEP – The Commentary

Now, you’re probably saying, as you tap your feet in time with the rhythm of the pulses of that vein on your forehead, “I don’t want a commentary! I want an explanation! Or an apology! Both! What do you mean by writing such bilge and inflicting it on us?”

Well, here’s the thing, folks. SloWord exists for one purpose and one purpose only. See tagline. “Learning to Rite Wrightly”. It also exists, two reasons, to amuse me. And also, three, three reasons, to, dare I say, amuse the poor, the downtrodden and the weary, weary of the demands of the world, with wall to wall coverage of hurricanes, wars, elections, politicians, religious cults, dwindling savings portfolios and the Soap Operas that play out.

Oh hang on. There’s no such thing as a religious cult. An explanation of that is being reserved for future diat… essays.

Which soap operas?

Well, there’s

The White and the Stupid

Running to packed TV screens and Twitter feeds. Will Ron run, doo ron ron doo ron ron? Will Don run out of diapers before the Grand Finale? Will Marj overdose on publicity? Will Bobo’s husband be exposed? And will the courts … don’t forget to tune in, to see what happens in the romance between Aileen and Dearie!

The Royal Costumers

This grand period drama plays out across the caring world, amongst those who care to line up for hours to see Queenie. Charlie takes control of the business on Queenie’s death, but what will Will do? Will Harry’s plan to buy a condo with Meg come through? Meanwhile, what about Uncle Andy?

There are probably others, such as the one where Arvi battles the might of Nari, even as the power of Grand Dame wanes as surely as the summer ends across the Peninsula.

So what are we supposed to do?

Well, not a whole lot, so just read the poem, congratulate or curse the author as you see fit and move on.


I just read that poem on the left. And it’s deep at an elemental level. It’s fundamentally sound and elementally truthful while being incrementally deep, as the lines go flashing by, flashing a warning, “CONTAINS ACID”.


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