Dishes – Why I hate doing the dishes.

Aerated water coming from a faucet.
Aerated water coming from a faucet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Doing the dishes” is the act of cleaning up after a meal. All the pots, pans and assorted stirrers, cutlery and the actual dishes are lumped under the term “dishes”. Now, we have a large dishwasher and all the actual dishes, cutlery, glasses and glass bowls etc go in there. What counts for dishes in our house is large pots, pans, special-care and weird-shape items. These are hand washed in the rather large double sink we had put in in the kitchen. So far so good. None of these are actually “dishes”, but a header that said “Pots and Pans – Why I hate doing Pots and Pans” (more…)

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Yosemite tangle

I'm tangled up in Yosemite and the need to write a blog. The pictures need fixing but the software's just a dog. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we try to edit photos, so we can reduce the file size and watermark each photo so we can use them on…

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< A little comic relief before the India vs South Africa match at #WC2015. This was sent to me by a lovely lady who shall remain nameless. Exceptions may be made in the case of those willing to send me a US$10 and a SASE.>

Come all ye fair young maidens and harken unto me,
Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be. (more…)


Choice is good

The question of choice is always a good one. Should one have choice? Yes. How much choice should one have? Now, that's a good question that cannot easily be answered. Many years ago, I remember Mad Magazine had this piece about the guy trying to buy cigarettes in a store. "Give me a…

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The Date of the Jackal

Time to reblog an old(er) story. Since all my stories are (essentially) true, I have no qualms about recycling them every Thursday. I suspect some of my newer readers (Ha!) may have missed these gems and I cannot stand by and not bring some joy into their lives. Altruistic - that's the word.…

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Mishti Doi

Well - they asked me to. Ok, well, what actually happened was this. One of my friends, who writes poetry here and is also an artist, facts that I do not hold against her, posted an article on the benefits of bhindi, aka okra. For my benefit. Then another friend said "Please put…

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Anniversary Anguish

I was going to call this the “Annual Anniversary Anguish” but then realized I would be redundant. No, I mean, not me, I mean, I was made redundant once in 2009 and haven’t looked back, but I mean the Annual and Anniversary together would be abundantly redundant. (more…)

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The Mercy of Strangers

A typical lower class Middle toiling away on his blog.
A typical lower class Middle toiling away on his blog.

The Race normally went to the Swifts. The Swifts were a family, a large, loose family. They hunted together and they kept it all within their own.

Outsiders were never welcome. Family growth was based on word-of-mouth and secret initiation ceremonies. The Swifts dominated because they were speedy, agile and changeable with a sharp sense of smell and a malleable nature. To break them down you had to (more…)

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