Dishes – Why I hate doing the dishes.

Aerated water coming from a faucet.
Aerated water coming from a faucet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Doing the dishes” is the act of cleaning up after a meal. All the pots, pans and assorted stirrers, cutlery and the actual dishes are lumped under the term “dishes”. Now, we have a large dishwasher and all the actual dishes, cutlery, glasses and glass bowls etc go in there. What counts for dishes in our house is large pots, pans, special-care and weird-shape items. These are hand washed in the rather large double sink we had put in in the kitchen. So far so good. None of these are actually “dishes”, but a header that said “Pots and Pans – Why I hate doing Pots and Pans” just does not work, you see. Ok, so let’s get the scene set up.

The curtain remains up, showing us a modern Canadian kitchen. During the day, the kitchen is flooded with light from a double window on the left. Under the window is a large stainless steel double sink. A tall, inverted U faucet stands tall over the sink. It is evening in the early spring. Daylight has left for it’s nightly visit to the other side of the world. The scene is lit by a series of lights let into the ceiling.

She is working in the kitchen. He is at the sink. During the rest of the scene, she clears up the kitchen, filling left overs into fridge bound containers. The faucet at the sink is running. Water streams through the aerator built into the outlet, with a rush of a minor waterfall. There is a light let into the roof of the window sill which illuminates the sink.

In the sink is a collection of knives, pans, woks and odd sized pieces of cutlery and serving dishes. He works through them in a regular pattern. As we watch, he wets the piece, washing away the loose bits of grease and food particles, then he picks up the Scotch Brite scrubber, dispenses some dish detergent on it and soaps and scrubs the piece. Then he runs the tap and carefully rinses it clean. He then shakes the loose water off it and places it to the side of the sink on a drying rack on a soaker pad.

As he works his way through the collection at the sink, she continues to add to the collection as she empties the pans and serving dishes. The water runs with a hissing sound, the aerator in the faucet reducing splatter.

Finally, he washes up the chopping boards, scrubbing and rinsing carefully. As he reaches this point he is beginning to hum to himself. As soon as he is done he wipes his hands on the kitchen towel and races upstairs.

Why? Let me explain by giving you a link.

And that’s why I hate doing the dishes.

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  1. spunkybong

    Nice, but I didn’t quite get the link. Maybe he ran upstairs because he knew she would be undressed, in bed, waiting for him? 😀

    1. TheLastWord

      Running water hissing through… sound to make baby pee?

  2. Being Cadadoodle

    Love the descriptive language! I could “see” everything in the kitchen and almost smell the dish soap!

    1. TheLastWord

      Ha ha ha! Thanks so much. For coming, reading and the kind words.