Dishes – Why I hate doing the dishes.

Aerated water coming from a faucet.
Aerated water coming from a faucet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Doing the dishes” is the act of cleaning up after a meal. All the pots, pans and assorted stirrers, cutlery and the actual dishes are lumped under the term “dishes”. Now, we have a large dishwasher and all the actual dishes, cutlery, glasses and glass bowls etc go in there. What counts for dishes in our house is large pots, pans, special-care and weird-shape items. These are hand washed in the rather large double sink we had put in in the kitchen. So far so good. None of these are actually “dishes”, but a header that said “Pots and Pans – Why I hate doing Pots and Pans” (more…)

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