Choice is good

The question of choice is always a good one. Should one have choice? Yes. How much choice should one have? Now, that’s a good question that cannot easily be answered.

Mad (magazine)
Mad (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many years ago, I remember Mad Magazine had this piece about the guy trying to buy cigarettes in a store.
“Give me a pack of cigarettes”
“Yes sir, 10s or 20s?”
“Uh… 20s”
“Yes sir, King size or Regular?”
“Yes sir, Filtertipped or unfiltered?”
Many, now visibly annoyed, “Filter!”
“Yes sir, Menthol or plain?”
“Ahh fuggedabout it! Give me a pack of gum!”
“Yes sir, peppermint or fruit flavor?”
Man is now completely destroyed. Dave Berg, I think it must have been as part of one of his The Lighter Side of… series.
So what is the correct answer to the question of choice. As my own private joke I have often said there are only 2 possible correct answers. (It doesn’t matter if you don’t get the joke…)
1. It’s a bell curve
2. It depends
So for your pleasure and idle amusement I give you choices. Pick one or the other. You may, or may not, wish to provide explanations or excuses. Feel free to pick “Neither”. In which case, please add your own option.
1. Gin or Vodka : vodka
2. Cat or dog: Huh – no brainer!!
3. Hillary or Mallory: Hmm…. Mallory, I do believe holds the edge
4.Gina or Sophia: Gina!
5. Sexual relations or platonic self gratification: < don’t answer that…>
6. Cricket or football: Hmm – that’s a toughie.. NOT!
7. Lucy or Cameron: I’d say either one over Drew.
8. Readers or visitors: Actually, I want commenters. Talk to me people!
9. Facebook or Twitter: This here blog
10. Okra or catty rolls:
11. <your pair here>: You can keep going.
Isn’t choice a good thing? Let me know how you really feel after reading this silly post. Actually, it isn’t that silly. It is trying to make a point in a highly subtle way.
Keep the faith!


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  1. roughwighting

    Interesting choices you choose to place in this post. As far as the blank one on # 11 how about ‘Reading or Writing’? Every day that’s a tough choice for me. I LOVE to read, but I also love to write, and if I read, I don’t get my own words down. But when I read, I fall in love with characters, places, plots and possibilities. Which leads also to good writing. Hmmmmm. Which do YOU choose?

    1. TheLastWord

      That is an excellent question!
      I would say a healthy balance is necessary. I feel if I don’t read I’ll not know how to write, won’t have ideas. Yet, I keep falling behind in my reading.

  2. anjanadee

    What about when you supposedly don’t HAVE a choice? Then taking a decision or not becomes a choice? So in effect, there’s always a choice… If I choose, I am, and even in not chosing I am…if I can’t swim, and am in the middle of the ocean with nary a boat not floating device in sight, I stll have a choice…the drowning part is a given, but I can chose it fight it or just go with the flow…choices, choices!

    1. TheLastWord

      So it wasn’t too subtle for you then…. Yup, it is always a personal choice, yes you always have a choice, yes you should be responsible for your choice.
      You have passed, Grasshopper! Now go forth and spread the word.

  3. sonnell

    Ahh – but sometimes all the choices, subtle or not, just suck!

    1. TheLastWord

      Yes, unfortunately, that is true.

  4. JK

    My choices were two-
    To read or not to read. And I chose the former 😀

  5. mindfulmagpie

    Some say the more choice we have the less happy we are. But I’ll stick with the messy world of choices.

    1. TheLastWord

      I tend to think it depends on the subject of choice. I want choice in some things but in cases the choice is simply too much. For example, power toothbrushes…..