Punjabi Grilled Vegetables

Grilled vegetables
Grilled vegetables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been invited for dinner this Saturday; the invitation coming with a nod to my culinary skills. Yes, ladies, gentlemen and all you other lot, I’ve been asked if I would please come over and use the hosts’ grill to make ye famouse grilled vegetables.

Since I know you absolutely adore my recipes (or not), and because my kindly self seeks but to bring joy in all your drab lives, I have decided to share this with you.

First, you need a grill. Don’t have one? Read this How-To-Get-a-Grill-combined-with-How-To-Make-vegetarian-chicken-kebabs.


  • Grill (see above)
  • Grill basket (look it up)
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Spoons and things


  • Yellow Zucchini (2 or more )
  • Green Zucchini (2 or more)
  • Green peppers (capsicum, if Indian)
  • Red peppers (sweet ones)
  • Mushrooms (optional – some people I know object to mushrooms, possibly taking the fungi thing too seriously. Call them champignons and all will be fine)
  • Small red potatoes, skin on
  • Onions
  • Salt (to taste, which means put as much as you want or as little as you want. It does not mean salt to lick)
  • Pepper, ground, black (powdered, you know?)
  • Red chilli flakes (Here it comes – it’s the Punjabi bit. Okay, so it was originally suggested by my Beloved Bangalan, but this is now *my* recipe.)
  • Olive oil to coat
  • Vinegar (of your choice. I would not recommend balsamic, btw)


  • Chop vegetables into 1 inch cubes. Allowable tolerance is between 5/8″ and 1.5″. Use a tape measure to be sure. Fractions – how I hate them! (Note to self – must inflict that rant on the readers sometime)
  • Wash them all while singing Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi. Don’t know the words? Prop up ipad on kitchen counter and play this Youtube video.
  • It’s “Paved Paradise” and not “Babe Paradise”
  • Shake off all the excess water and put them (veggies) all into a bowl. Bowl should be large enough to hold all the vegetables with room for mixing. Picked the wrong size? Tsk Tsk
  • Gurgle olive oil all over
  • Slosh some vinegar in
  • Sprinkle the salt, pepper, red chilli flakes
  • Toss and set aside (the bowl) about an hour or so
  • Clean up the mess you made
  • Fire up grill
  • Shove the grill basket on the grill and let it heat up
  • Pour the vegetables into the grill basket.
  • Keep eyebrows away from shooting flames from the burning oil/vinegar mix
  • Cook with grill top shut. Open occasionally to stir contents.
  • When the vegetables are soft and nicely charred (not to death!) remove and transfer to serving bowl.
  • Serve with pasta (more on that, in a later post) or burgers (more on that, in a later post). Even rice will do (if Bong – you know who you are), or quinoa ( yeah…)

A dollar to me if you use this.

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