Graked Fishies

What you may have thought when you saw the title I'm not quite sure. So let me try and clarify a few things. What does graked mean? It doesn't. Mean anything, really. It's just something my brain cooked up as a "grilled / baked" combo that comes without fries or a drink of your choice. What is it? This is a recipe. Guiding Principles: Usability, Versatility, Flexibility Main ingredient: Fish. What's that you say? What kind of…

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Punjabi Grilled Vegetables

I've been invited for dinner this Saturday; the invitation coming with a nod to my culinary skills. Yes, ladies, gentlemen and all you other lot, I've been asked if I would please come over and use the hosts' grill to make ye famouse grilled vegetables. Since I know you absolutely adore my recipes (or not), and because my kindly self seeks but to bring joy in all your drab lives, I have decided to share this with…

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Kebabs – Chicken

<I edited this to deal with the limes. Check the recipe for italicized text. Where be italics, there be edits. Remember to attach your thank you note when you send me that dollar> If you are only interested in the actual recipe and have no interest in, what I think is a very funny autobiographical story, you can CLICK THIS. But you're missing all the fun stuff! So, gentle readers, my previous recipe went down well. Despite…

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