Landscape Photographs

Landscape Photographs

I know I promised a few people I would share an essay on Curiosity and quite a few said they were, uh.. curious about an essay that I would or could write about curiosity. Nobody I polled cared about landscape photographs. There was no interest in landscape photographs, colorful or otherwise. The people said, without saying anything on the subject of landscapes, that they did not want to see landscapes, and they had no interest in landscapes, especially the kind of landscapes I may show them and they had absolutely no interest in landscape photographs!

You know, photographs of landscapes, and possibly some trees and some lakescapes, with a few seascapes in there, because I was there, man! I was there and the landscapes were all around me, so I had to take photographs!

There was greenery and rockery, sloping in all directions, with rivulets and streams and babbling brooks and waterfalls, and water trickles and little pools and cliffs and landscapes and seas and lakes and, you know, stuff we find, if we search on this Blue Dot in the Universe that we call “Earth”.

So here we are. The SloWord collection de photographies de paysages, de paysages lacustres et de paysages marins. Or as they in English, The SloWord Collection of landscape, lakescape, seascape photographs!

Onwards to the show! (It may be more lacklustre than exciting… 🙂 )

The Yorkshire Dales

Here’s a photgraph of the Yorkshire Dales, basking in the sun of August 2022. Note cows, with the white skin that looks like a sheet has been draped over.

Magog, QC

A lavender field! We arrived too late in the season to see the blooms.

Lisbon, Portugal

It was a rainy day at the start and you can see the water in the air in this photograph. It cleared in the afternoon and I have clearer photographs, but this has an air of mystery, or so I’d like to believe.

Niagara Falls, ON

That rainbow gives that bridge it’s name, The Rainbow Bridge. Many a time and oft did I cross the great divide to go to work, before I got my pre-cleared border pass and thumbed my nose at the summer traffic jams as I crossed further downstream at the Whirlpool Bridge. The Falls, they need no introduction. I do believe the place look much more beautiful in the winter. Send me a note and I’ll tell you why.

Pinery National Park, ON

A solitary kayaker on Lake Huron. The red contrasts with the blue of the lake so I had to take this. I wish I had a better camera and skills to use it and hands that were steadier….

The light clouds in the brilliantly blue sky match the blue ripples of the lake. This was taken on the same day as the photo above.

Stratford, ON

I like going to Stratford. Many a play have I seen here and it’s always a pleasure to walk by the river. This swan decided to glide majestically by in the autumn afternoon sun as we walked by.

Dunham, QC

A winery in the Eastern Townships. We walked around the estate, took pictures, bought some wine and cider. If you’d like to visit, click here and learn more about Val Caudalies. The mountains in the background add an extra dramatic touch to the view.

Mississauga, ON

Taken on a balmy winter morning in front of my house. This is the tree that sheds on my front lawn. Remember, folks, the weather in Canada ranges from hot to balmy. It does snow and we get ice sometimes, too, to add to the glory of the balmy weather.

Surprise View, Keswick, Cumbria, England

Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite. Climb up, or drive up, as we did, we lazy bums! The view is stunning and worth it. When I first heard of it from a couple we chatted with, I thought the view was a surprise. To my suprise, it is known as The Surprise View. Surprising, eh? Uncommonly clever, those Cumbrians!

Rydal, Ambleside/Grasmere, Cumbria, England

So let’s go see Rydal Caves. So we did. And we walked and we walked uphill and downhill, ending up somehow in Grasmer where the Willy the Word lived and did worthwhile poetry and then, after a nice beer and lunch we walked and we walked back to Pelter Bridge where we had parked the car. A lovely day, a lovely walk with lovely views.

DerwentWater from Cat Bells, Cumbria, England

Oh what a day that was! The day Grampa struck work at Cat Bells base camp and decided to sleep it off while the others did the rest of the climb. (Note: There is no base camp and Cat Bells is listed as a moderate Fell Walk for grannies and doggies. I was neither a granny nor a doggie….) But, hey, look at them views!

Lake District, Cumbria, England

I think this is part of the Rydal / Grasmere walk…

The Bosphorus Straits, Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus separated Asia from Europe and divides Turkey (and Istanbul) into, you’re right, into the Asian Side and European Side. This is from the evening cruise as the lights came up and the sun went down on Istanbul.

The Sea of Marmara from The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

Out towards the dark part of the photo is the where the Bosphorus runs into the Sea of Marmara and from there into the Mediterranean Sea.

The Bosphorus from Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

The Topkapi Palace is a nice, rather deserted feeling palace of the Sultans. We paid extra to visit the Harem (sadly, there’s just rooms and signboards telling you about them). Also, there’s this stunning blue of the Bosphorus and Asia across the water.

The Black Sea, Istanbul, Turkey

At the other end of the Bosphorus is the Black Sea and Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia. Along the other shores are Russia, Bulgaria and Romania. The waters were warm, the beach not too bad and the crowds minimal.

Cambridge, ON

You can see a fairway of the Whistle Bear Golf Club, likely the First or the Eighteenth. It was a lovely warm day and the setting sun shone perfectly.

Lake Ontario, ON

Living in close proximity to this particular Great Lake means a lot of photographs of it. This peaceful scene stood out.

Bronte Harbour, ON

I rather think I was trying to get that herd of ducks in the foreground and accidentally used the word herd when I should have used a “raft of ducks” or a “paddling of ducks”. Or something..

Mississauga, ON

This is the trail that runs off Erindale Park and heads up into the UTM campus. A nice trail, a bit of a nuisance because you end up in the parking lot of the University. But I did get this autumn contrast.

Erindale Park, Mississauga, ON

Getting into the car was suddenly smote by the sight so took this, sat down, took a hefty draught of water and drove home.

St Moritz, Switzerland

A taxi driver drove us around to see the famous bobsled runs that I wanted to see and this was one of the sights.

View from the Bernina Express from Tirano, Italy to St Moritz, Switzerland. An awesome day trip. Send me a reminder to tell you about this one of these days!

Tuscany, Italy

Another day trip, this time into Tuscany from Florence. Those rolling hillsides…vineyards all over

Pinery Provincial Park, Lake Huron, Ontario

Bordering on the western edge of the park is Lake Huron. Warm waters, a nice beach and those views….

I took the first picture oand then spotted this very odd looking stone, in this lovely shade of green


And that is that for this collection. I’m marking this as a “Travel” post, even though this is probably better tagged under “Photography”. But I don’t have that tag and don’t make me make another page only for my photographs!

Here, you can see more here. I’m lazy!

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