Autumn 2020 in Photos

The Autumn of 2020 merged into the tail end of the memorable summer of this very memorable year. It was mild and the usual changing of the season was gradual. I suspect, because we spent more hours outdoors than ever before, we saw the change as a gradual transition.

Autumn is really the season I like best after summer. It almost, and you will be surprised, nay shocked, to hear me say this but it almost drives me to poetry. In fact, I once wrote a poem about it. It was on a summer's eve in my tent in Saskatoon, the day I overcame my nerves and had a relapse. Read it here if you like poetry.

It's ok if you don't, I don't read much poetry either. 🙂 Oddly, it is the second most read piece I've ever written. The most read article on this here website is this How To Write A Novel, a surprisingly candid view into my own struggle to write one.

This is my third attempt at putting up photographs I have taken. The first can be found here, appropriately titled "Photographs", for I was young and foolish then.

Back to the Autumn of 2020! This is a follow up to the Summer of 2020 Collection which I hope you have already seen. If you haven't click this.

Onwards, without further ado, to

the Autumn of 2020 Photo Collection!

I have tried a different format this time instead of the Slideshow I used for the summer collection. Which format do you prefer? Let me know!

Backyard - 18-Sep-2020: The First Hint of Tint becomes visible

Riverrun Park - 03-Oct-2020: The Reds and Yellows begin to bloom

Riverrun Park - 03-Oct-2020: The Credit in the evening

Erindale Park - 05-Oct-2020: The Park shows distinct signs of reddening

16 Mile Creek - 06-Oct-2020: Not quite there yet

Erindale Park - 08-Oct-2020: From the top of the hill.

Fairy Lake, Acton - 13-Oct-2020: Sunlight through the golden tree

Fairy Lake, Acton - 13-Oct-2020: The orange is strong in this park

Fairy Lake, Acton - 13-Oct-2020: The white flowers are very similar to "Kashfool" In Bengal, India

Fairy Lake, Acton - 13-Oct-2020: This is an accidental photograph. I was trying to grab the far end of the lake. However, it does look mildly dramatic, I think

Fairy Lake, Acton - 13-Oct-2020: I took different pictures of this tree trying to capture its glory. It was on the return trip that I finally managed to get a reasonable representation

Port Credit - 17-Oct-2020: The gold of these trees light up the clear blue sky

Oakville Harbor - 28-Oct-2020: The gates are shut, the people are gone leaving the jetty for the gulls to congregate

Etobicoke Creek Trail - 08-Nov-2020: A crisp, cool day among the fallen leaves

Marie Curtis Park - 10-Nov-2020: Lake Ontario meets the sky in the fading light

Lions Valley Park - 11-Nov-2020: The fading sun lights up the reds of the trees

Lions Valley Park - 11-Nov-2020: Sixteen Mile Creek runs through the valley surrounded

Lions Valley Park - 11-Nov-2020: The sun burns to the west and the valley darkens around Sixteen Mile Creek

Lions Valley Park - 11-Nov-2020: A long 8km hike down the valley across the creek just in time before the light fades away

Rattray Marsh - 20-Nov-2020: We strike gold!

Rattray Marsh - 20-Nov-2020: Toronto skyline from across the lake

Rattray Marsh - 20-Nov-2020: Gentle breakers lap the shores of Lake Ontario

Tannery Park - 28-Nov-2020: A cooling sun

Dundas St Mississauga/Oakville - 07-Dec-2020: A rash of red across the sky

Cranberry Cove Park - 11-Dec-2020: The ducks float calmly as the mist envelopes the evening in an air of mystery

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  1. molleyblog

    Absolutely fantastic pics!! Beautiful!

  2. Umesh Dubey

    Superb photos, the reds, gold, orange , yellow …All captured perfectly. .