2020 – The Summer of Discontent

Oh what a summer 'twas! The summer of 2020 will go down in history as a summer to remember and a summer to forget. In fact, the year 2020 will be spoken of in years to come for many reasons. For reasons of brevity (I know, I know! I'm turning over a new leaf...) I won't go into those reasons. Make up your own!

Summer of Romance

It was supposed to kick on nicely, a tad romantically, with a trip across the pond that separates us from Europe to our east. Middle to late May was supposed to see us land romantically in Paris, for a couple of romantic days. This was to be followed by a romantic drive across to Luxembourg and then to the romantic Mittel Rhine, where romantic river cruises and romantic walks through the hamlets dotting the banks of the romantic Rhine awaited us. This was followed by romantic drives down the Romantischestrasse (Romantic Street, if not German speaking), stopping and exploring the romantic towns on that route. Romantic mountains awaited us, with romantic Schlosses (castles, for English speakers). Then romantic Salzburg and the surrounding romantic burgs and romantically divine vistas across the Alps resounding with the Sound of Music and Mozart. Finally, we would arrive at romantic Vienna, capital of the Hapsburgs.

Summer of Disappointment

Romance, however, eluded us. Instead, we were faced with A Pesky Pandemic. All thoughts of flights, romantic walks, nights, drives, cruises, alpine vistas was wiped out as the air highways ground to a halt, just three days when our spreadsheet said we were to book our flights. Yes, didn't you know? We live by spreadsheet plans, or rather plans laid out in spreadsheets. I lie, of course, the plan doesn't tell us when to book tickets. She does. And She said, "this weekend".

Alas, or Fortunately, as it turned out, three days before the weekend we stared in stupefactions as the numbers, the data, the graphs spiraled out of control and the Panic of the Pandemic Pushed Pause on our Ponderings.

Summer of Trails

Forced to find ways to use up four weeks of holidays by the Powers that Provide Power to Our Bank Accounts, we had to get creative. So we did. In this post you will see what we did. We found trails, parks and gorges. We drove out and about and found fun drives, some of which were, if not quite 100% romantic, were at least 100% scenic. Some were merely minutes away. Others meant a good drive, an hour to two and half hours.

The Summer of Discontent

This is a photographic account of 2020 - The Summer of Discontent.


And write in to tell us (me, actually, there's only one of us. No really! It's a true fact, 100%. One, 1, of us.) what you think! This is crucial. You must absolutely write in and offer your feedback.

We, I, insist upon it. Think about it, your summer was probably as lousy as mine, (ours). Hopefully, these photos will provide some pleasure.

Enjoy, or not.

We, I, hope your 2021 is a year filled with much joy and health!

Here are the pictures in no particular order. Most of them are taken by me, the others are taken by She Who....

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