Ode to The Nose

He’s a good friend to me, he is. Wherever I go he goes before me. In a public urinal when I go to piss He alerts me to dally not, but pee quickly and get the hell out. He has not gracefully aged Grown a forest, wooded and mossy. Discharged fluids so far…

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The Path

The path to the future never did run straight I have to walk along it, the silent victim of fate. The sun plays hide and seek between the trees Zephyrs lay their gentle touch, the buzzing bees are busy with the business of their flowery date I wonder at the meaning of the…

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Yosemite tangle

I'm tangled up in Yosemite and the need to write a blog. The pictures need fixing but the software's just a dog. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we try to edit photos, so we can reduce the file size and watermark each photo so we can use them on…

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Impending Autumn

Now is the season for death. A death that will bring life once again, but for that life we must die now. This is the season for love. A love that will take you further apart, but for that love, this love must die. The present is doomed. The past misunderstood. The future?…

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Mistress in white and blue,my posts don’t excite you,my status provokes no comment.You give me the news and the homilyand updates from the family. I have you on the laptop,I have you on the tablet,I have you on the phone,I have you in the office,I have you in the house,I have you in…

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When I think about you When I dream about you I feel my heart go still I feel I’ve had my fill If I think about you If I dream about you I’m wasting my time Just blowing my mind So let’s just call it quits Let’s just say goodbye You’ll find happiness…

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