When I think about you
When I dream about you
I feel my heart go still
I feel I’ve had my fill
If I think about you
If I dream about you
I’m wasting my time
Just blowing my mind
So let’s just call it quits
Let’s just say goodbye
You’ll find happiness
Comes from loneliness
What I liked about you
What I thought about you
I was fooling my brain
Wasn’t seeing the pain
The aura around you
My feelings about you
I was feeling oppressed
Had my senses suppressed
So let’s just call it quits
Let’s just say goodbye
You’ll find happiness
Just find loneliness

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  1. Abhra Pal

    Can’t always say that loneliness is happiness, can we?

  2. TheLastWord

    Loneliness is happiness if you’re complete in yourself, if your sense of contentment is not driven by the need for approval from named or unnamed persons.
    I suppose that’s what spiritualists mean – I don’t know, I’m not a very spiritual person. My Left / Right brains are apparently equally matched.
    Thanks for the like and the comment. I appreciate your time and your feedback.

  3. Anonymous

    wonderful jesh

    1. TheLastWord

      Thank you, Anonymous, even though I think I know who you are…
      Always feels great when one of my pieces gets a good feedback.

    1. TheLastWord

      Thanks… nice to get such compliments.

  4. Anonymous

    Ajesh…looked to me that it is a very lonely poem..and sad too..i got here by reading ur 200th post..i bet with ur present positive mind u will not be able to write one more with this kind of mood

    1. TheLastWord

      It is a sad poem, no question about it. Good to see you here after so long. Thanks for reading.

  5. ddeepa

    Wow. Came over from Pankti’s blog. Sometimes, happiness is indeed in solitude. If you can’t be happy with your own self, how indeed can you be happy with anyone else?

    1. TheLastWord

      Thanks so much. Always a pleasure to have comments. Do read some other stuff while you’re here. It’s not all doom and gloom 🙂