A Pome was requested – here it is

English: Labeled picture of pome (fruit type) ...
English: Labeled picture of pome (fruit type) or apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a hectic day at home,
I was going about my work
when all at once my dome
went abuzz with the need to shirk
and compose what I call a pome.

And here, it, the pome, is,
if this were a song this
would be a bridge.

The parking lot was paved
And from many a yellow taxi
Hey, the paradise was babed
with many a girl with legs a maxi
This is just me depraved.

There was the Mississippi Queen
hand in hand with the Queen of Hearts
See the one with the fat ass preen
in her 72 day marriage before life apart
now claiming that Kris is mean

And here is bridge number 2
with the pounds lost by Deen
and the abdication of the Queen
and the impending arrival of Kimye
would you please, please gimme
something to ease my spleen.

Finally, a solo to bring home
this song or pome
with the strings a drone
while the guitars moan
and this is the end of the pome

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