The Irregular Sloword BirthMonth Festival.

On this page you will find the pieces submitted by guests who have taken part in this August Festival celebration.

Check them out, while you're here. They are poetic, creepy, mysterious and very good. Not to mention murderous...

2021 - The Special 100!

Letter to Love and Hate - by Mona Banerjee

Will I Be a Book One Day? - by Ashesh Mitra

Yes, I said so - by Indrani Ganguli

The New Facebook - A MMORPG - by TF Carthick

Dubai Calls - by Shiva Kumar

The Magic of Retirement - by Suresh Chandrasekaran

The Masquerade - by Indrani Ganguli


Peacock Feather - by Indrani Ganguly

Lost Friend and Other Poems - by Mona Banerjee

Twice Lucky - by Sarbari Sen

Night Queen - by Shiva Kumar

Dusk - by Uma Majumdar