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Featured Guest - Indrani Ganguli

Indrani Ganguli is an interpreter of languages. She’s as adept at staring down recalcitrant witnesses in court while taking down their depositions as she is compassionate with those who clearly are devastated at being there at all.

Her stories are rich in classical allusions even as they explore the social consciousness (or lack thereof) of the times we live in.

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Feature Presentation

Hekabe and Gandhari


Hekabe and Gandhari
On the edge of the battle field.
No Priam to counsel
No Dhritarasthra to reject wise words;
Words too tepid for his fiery hatred.
And then...
Andromache extends her trembling fingers to Subhadra
Astynax and Abhimanyu in their hearts.


And Euripides------
Eyes brimming with compassion and pain,
Looks back one more time at his beloved Athens.

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