Will I Be a Book One Day?


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Featured Guest - Ashesh Mitra

Ashesh is an engineer trying to navigate the world of healthcare. He likes books more than people and he agrees with Neil Gaiman when he says that we owe it to each other to tell stories.

He is a blogger, amateur photographer and storyteller on YouTube. (And a very fine poet as demonstrated here...)

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Will I Be a Book One Day?

Will I be a book one day?
I'd like to be a leather bound one
With creamy paper
And illustrations

I'd like the book to talk
About the friends who kept me alive
I'd like it to tell the story of me and my dog
I'd like a child to get lost in it
I'd like an adult to smile reading it

Most of all, I'd like it to still be on a shelf
After Ragnarok has come
I'd like the books we read
To find their way into libraries
Where mice roam

I'd like the world to step back from texting
And start reading again
For when I was a boy, I read a book
And got lost

And nowadays I hate it
When someone tries to find me
When I don't want to be found

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Anonymous

    Rightly said and nicely said!
    I like to be surrounded by books always.

  2. Trideb Das

    Love. ❤️

  3. Umesh Dubey

    Let the world “start reading again”…A beautiful thought. Well put Mr Mitra

  4. Sarbari sen

    This is for all the Book worms!