Featured Guest - Ashesh Mitra

Engineer by day, content creator by night. A man obsessed with stories. When I am not telling them, I'm reading them or I'm writing them down.

I have a functional YouTube channel that is linked to my Scrollstack profile (shoshamitra.stck.me) and a blog which is basically akin to a child where I've been hammering away for 12 years (asheshmitra.blogspot.com).

I believe words have power and machines speak to us in a language we need to use a different set of tools to understand.

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Choice is not an illusion.
Start a fire in the woods
Or be the flame that
Guides an explorer looking in a cave.

Pick up a sword to slay someone
Or pick up a pen to write a peace treaty
If war is the answer to your questions
Your questions can only divide
Remember that music is also an option
A powerful voice can after all move mountains.

And when the world ends for you
Would you fade into obscurity
Being remembered as a murderer
Or ascend to eternity
As the person who fought a war
The war to end all wars?

(c) Ashesh Mitra

Susie, Queen of the Underground

The queen of the underground has left
And I'm feeling a shortness of breath
She was supposed to see me through
And now can only be found in books

Outside the year is ending
The snowflakes of Vienna call to me
They seem to say
Come hither, revel and make merry

I'm hopeful of making it there
I'm able to tell black from white
I'm able to listen to music
I'm able to read
And someday, I'll meet her again

All the others who left without a goodbye
Will be there too
We'll sing songs about the good times
A true blue bard's serenade
For when I get there I will be one with them

No one can take them away again
I guess that's why they call it
The great gig in the sky

I know there's a place for me there
And when I meet my loved ones again
I'll try not to cry

(c) Ashesh Mitra

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  1. Chakra Incognita

    I love both the poems. Can sure relate to Great Gig In The Sky. Ashesh has a special feel for words. And yes we will fight the war to end all wars – I am always hopeful.