The Irregular SloWord BirthMonth Festival!

This Festival with the snappy title comes along every summer. Usually in August, for August is my BirthMonth. And every year Sloword, the blog, has the distinct drudg..honour of hosting guests on its quite purply website, during The Irregular SloWord BirthMonth Festival.

Read on to find out Why and How to participate!

How you can participate

Why should you?

All I can offer you is a chance at potentially reaching people who read SloWord. I do have regulars who suscribe, and also casual visitors who choose to retain control over their reading of this site. There could well be some who are not aware they can subscribe!  HINT: There is a box on the right where you can enter your email and receive fresh content into your mailbox.

I do send out links to Twitter and and this site is automatically sent out to my Medium and Tremr accounts.

This is not sponsored by anyone, and this website, has remained steadfastly free from all adds, popups and annoying exhortations to “subscribe”, in order to allow you, the reader, unfettered access to the wonders of the written word.

While there is no revenue, currently, from your participation, there is also no fee! In other words, you get, possibly, a few more eyeballs than your usual quota, absolutely free! What a delightful offer! Free from any trace of filthy lucre!

Send me a note using the Contact page, if you have questions.

How to Submit

Submission windows vary depending on my mood, travel plans, other considerations such as expected influx, boredom levels <insert reason of choice>. I will accept submissions all through the month of August, however! Check dates in the poster at right of this page for latest dates.

If you don’t see the poster, click here!

The Rules and not so fine print

  1. All submissions must be your own original work and free from the plague, you know, plagiarism.
  2. All submissions must have not been previously published, on social media, websites or any other medium.
  3. You will always retain copyright to your work.
  4. You will hold off on republishing this anywhere for a period of 30 days. You are highly encouraged to link to the work as published on Sloword.
  5. If you write in a language other than English, a translation / explanation or notes would be very much appreciated by all and sundry.
  6. There is no bar on type of work. Poetry, essays, humour, travelogues, fiction, recipes, et al. You pick, you write, we accept.
  7. Sloword, the man, not the blog, will offer mild editing, milder feedback and very mild abuse if you’re careless, carefree and/or full of cat love and hate okra.
  8. Submit early for publication is usually on a first come and first served basis, aka FIFO.
  9. Contest is open to residents of Earth.
  10. Editor, and site owner, me, reserves the right to refuse any submission, and provide no reasons for refusal.