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Featured Guest - Shiva Kumar

Shiva Kumar is a Bangalorian, (Bengalurian, today) through and through. There is as much of Benguluru in him as there is of him in Bengaluru! He is a trained Electrical Engineer who was never required to prove himself as one, preferring to slog actively in diverse fields.

His favourite pastime was, and is, reading. Around the age of twenty or so, he discovered that he liked to write, too. He likes to play with words and produce stuff that makes the reader laugh. He writes short pieces, short-short stories and poetry, and humour creeps into all of that somehow.

Apart from reading and writing, he dabbles in photography. He also listens to Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, ghazals and old Hindi, Tamil and Kannada film songs! And popular Western music. He likes nature and loves to visit the hills.

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One morning as I am coffee drinking
My Dubai friend calls to inform
His son's marriage he is celebrating
I am invited and I should come

I am sitting by myself and thinking
Is it affordable, am I enough rich?
All the airlines' fares I am checking
What is what and which is which

Hearing there is pleasant weather
I am responding with loud yes
I am throwing my plans together
Hurriedly, in fit of eagerness

Soon I am getting new passport
As old one was invalid dated
My travel agent’s timely support
Gets my flight ticket activated

The agent is also putting in visa request
It is getting approved after hiccup
And so I am finally ready to fly out West
Two days before the event is up

Marriage is very grandly celebrated
Many friends are present and met
All events witnessed and participated
Much pleasure and enjoyment I get

Get-togethering with friends is all done
Next I move to meet own dear family
Visiting in-laws and outlaws one by one
Till I run out of relatives completely

Now holiday over and shopping finished
Card swiped for payment afterwards
Packing anyhow but fully accomplished
I am all set to fly home backwards

I reach the airport with no time to lose
The tightness of security is very keenly felt
I suddenly realise my pants are loose
When officer insist I should remove my belt

Thumb-in-loop and elbow-on-waistband
Somehow I waddle through security
No embarrassment in this strange land
I come out intact in dress and integrity

Boarded aircraft and into window seat
Mobile in aircraft mode, camera ready
Sit quiet, tuck hands and legs neat
Look down from high up and feel heady

Many pictures I am taking from air
Next seat youngster looks worried as hell
I reassure him by ruffling his hair
That mobile in flight mode is safe and well

Holiday good, enjoyment maximum
Carrying gifts to feelings soften
Feeling happy but also a little glum
Chances like this not come often

© Shiva Kumar

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  1. Umesh Dubey

    Really enjoyed it…Saar. Can ve hab more pliss ?