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When Skylab was on its way to falling out of the sky, the Slo-Man remembers going to class with an umbrella over his head. That was a lighthearted time, the Slo-Man was younger, much, much younger and bore the bravado and insouciance of a callow youth combined with a general sense of giddiness because ille amor in.

And now thirty years later, more pieces of manmade metal are making their way back to terra firma. As if that was not enough, there are almost daily reports of earthquakes, typhoons, storms and other natural disasters across what we currently believe to be the third rock from Sol.

Space debris from above, the Hadron collider below, does mankind really know what it is doing? CERN tells us that the universe performs 10 million, million particle collisions experiments every second. The only difference being that CERN conducts these in a controlled and confined area to study the effects. The Slo-Man has seen many movies where scientists are driven by science and consider their experiments totally safe right up to the point when “clever girl!” is the last thing they say in their lives. And confining immensely large bursts of energy seems to the Slo-Man rather what explosive devices do. The Slo-Man was once witness to the effects of a burst domestic water heater with a capacity of around 20-25 liters and came away impressed.

We know that earthquake frequency has increased over the years and the Slo-Man himself has felt 2 tremors in the last 12 months.  The Slo-Man is well aware of legends of the Great Flood that abound in cultures across the earth and he, being of sound mind, despite bouts of facetiousness and Facebook, has begun to ponder whether the crisis pack and fallout shelter crazies are not in fact highly prescient and prepared.

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  1. molleyblog

    The sky is falling….. Chicken little.