The Coffee Post – 2

So now we get to The Great Coffee Crisis of 2017. In Part 1, I had introduced you to the lovely ladies who were so instrumental in driving me mental. Yes, these ladies created the crisis, consigned me to the consomme and a fate worse than death - instant coffee. They watched in stony silence as I was reduced to a drooling, slobbering, drowsy semi-comatose le mort vivant over a period of 3 weeks. Telle est la…

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if he should invest in a hardhat

When Skylab was on its way to falling out of the sky, the Slo-Man remembers going to class with an umbrella over his head. That was a lighthearted time, the Slo-Man was younger, much, much younger and bore the bravado and insouciance of a callow youth combined with a general sense of giddiness because ille amor in. And now thirty years later, more pieces of manmade metal are making their way back to terra firma. As if…

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