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The Slo-Man, who is mildly athletic, which term subsumes all activity such as walking to the car, mowing the lawn, using a pistol grip sprinkler in a to and fro motion to spray grass and plants, loading and unloading the dishwasher and taking the laundry up and down the stairs, makes it a point to follow the four major tennis tournaments, as well as the major golf tournaments and this year was no exception. This is September so the US Open tennis major, as is usual, was broadcast. The Slo-Man would like to serve up his analyses of the two main components of the tournament, namely, the men’s and women’s singles.

The men’s semifinals and finals was a classic pairing – #1 played #3 and #2 played #4 in the semis and after much drama and tension, #1 played #2 in the final and #1 won a classic encounter, with much intensity, drama, twists and turns.

There was athleticism and there was mental toughness on display. Viewers saw two great players, constantly pushing each other, changing gears, shifting strategies, at times getting testy with the crowds, the umpire and with themselves. It was absorbing, it was dramatic, it was packed with tension, it was a lesson in tennis, it was composed of long rallies, it had fancy shots, it had volleys, it had ground strokes, it had serves, it had nerves, it had a winner who had to work hard over four long hours and it left the Slo-Man, for one, and he suspects he is not alone, in asking for more. For the best players in the world fought with all the weapons in the tennis arsenal, all their wits about them and showed a focus and intensity that was an object lesson in itself.

The women’s semifinals provided the ugly spectacle of a petulant player, still on probation for a past offence, abusing the umpire while the tennis authorities looked the other way.
File under Sad, but True.

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