Anna and the Change.

Some time ago, the Slo-Man had expressed his skepticism on the Indian political movement aimed at “eradicating corruption”. Readers can read the original post here.
And time and the subsequent turn of events has done nothing to diminish the Slo-Man’s conviction that creating an expensive, bureaucratic, state-controlled monster is of no value.
Where there is power, money, greed and, most importantly, people, there will be corruption. The western powers have embraced and legalized corruption, witness the financial institutions and drug companies; GSK and AIG  and countless others.
And lest the irony of the last statement is lost on people, NO, the Slo-Man does not condone or even recommend such behavior.
Accountability is hard to attain. The Slo-Man in a previous life was a pioneer in the design of software for managing HR issues in India. He has also had occasion to study Commercial and Industrial Law at the undergraduate and professional level. He has seen a fair sprinkling of HR practices in his time. Laws do not make for accountability, personal integrity does. Fix society, don’t just create yet another statute.
In other words, be careful what you wish for. And don’t be too ready to make new gods.

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  1. Raj Makkar

    U hv the wherewithal to discover n populate a new planet exclusively for honest, good human beings? Or can u wish such a planet to come into being? I am willing to give you all my earthly resources to go n live there!!!

    1. ajesh

      Unfortunately for Mr Makkar, the Slo-Man does not have the wherewithal to do more than advise caution. Legislation is not the answer, it is not even the beginning, for how do you legislate honesty?