About Entitlement

An Edmonton teacher is likely to be fired for giving students a zero for not handing in their work.
Apparently, giving zero harms the esteem of the students and the school board wants to hand out an “incomplete” grade. The teacher says that does not prepare kids for real life.
The Slo-Man wonders whether this “esteem” issue is not being used by adults to become lazier and absolve themselves of the difficult task of raising children. Parents turned over the discipline to the school, teachers and school boards have handed that task over directly to the police force.
When medals and cups are handed out to all participants, winning became immaterial, a sense of entitlement became ingrained. In the Slo-Man’s days you got a cup or a medal if you actually excelled at something. The Slo-Man is pretty sure that the real world is competitive, so are we doing the right thing in coddling these kids?
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  1. Pat

    It’s like the Caucus Race in Alice in Wonderland. Everybody ran so everybody won.

  2. The Slo-Man

    Just heard that the teacher in question has been fired. Dark days….

  3. cricketmuse

    Really? I’m in trouble. If my students don’t do the work how can I grade it? Scary times. Thanks for stopping by my Tome Raiders post.
    Happy Pages,

    1. Slo-Man

      WordPress threw you into the Slo-Man’s Spam folder – you have now been resurrected. Thanks for the comment. I hope you will drop by often.
      Scary times indeed. He has since been snapped up by another school (private). He starts the day after his last day at this one.