Actually a revamp. We’ve added the goodness of papaya and the healing properties of acai berries to give you a blog reading experience that you will quite easily forget. Yawning already? That will be the stimulus control therapy that comes free with this blog.

Acai (Photo credit: CIFOR)
Wait a second, you say. This blog has always been free! Hmm… looks like nothing gets past you. No wonder you read this blog, you’re exactly the demographics this blog has always tried to cultivate. Smart, intelligent, no… don’t go away! Read at least till the end and leave us a comment!
< In case you are wondering what the revamp is. Here is the Release Note:

  1.  Home Page has changed. You now go straight to The Blog SloWord instead of the About the Blog page
  2. Menu has been rationalized.
    1. Added a SiteMap menu item
    2. Deleted the Authors’ personal pages from the menu. You now are being forced to read a short paragraph about the Authors with links to the Author pages embedded. (Sneaky, eh?)
    3. Deleted the Categories Menu and all it’s children. Use the Category Cloud instead. (Yes, it has always been there)
    4. Added a menu item that takes you to the erstwhile Home Page.
    5. Changed the prompt for comments>

Comments are Free, so go ahead!

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  1. viveka29

    So what – didn’t notice any difference – at least on the mobile – you were never a good vamp anyway :p 🙂

    1. TheLastWord

      Tsk tsk! I told you what changed!! It’s got that new easy-glide menu, ergonomic styling.

    1. TheLastWord

      Change is good! Change makes the world go round, together with love, compassion, passion, gravity, the sun and million other things I can’t be bothered to think about right now 🙂 Besides change is what pays my bills so I can be a writing dilettante !
      Anyway, the other lovely lady said she didn’t see anything different!

        1. TheLastWord

          Heh! The Peeved Punjabi would promptly have reminded you that “he’s always right!”… 🙂

              1. viveka29

                For heavens sake don’t encourage him – he’s got a know it all complex as it is 😉

                1. TheLastWord

                  Not without cause, I think. I know everything that’s not worth knowing, BUT, my legendary modesty forbids me from saying any more…

  2. pixie

    looks good! 😀

      1. pixie

        no no! I mean it! 😀