Ultimate Blog Challenge

Lotus (series)
Lotus (series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I did it. I signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This means that I have to write one post every day in April 2015.

What a stroke of luck for you readers! I mean, 30 posts in April, just for your reading pleasure. What could be more fun? Well, food, for example, travel to exotic destinations, meetups with friends. All these are fun things.

Who is to say all that cannot happen here, right here on this blog? It has happened actually. Just recently the blog has received not one but two updates. The Memoirs page and the Travel page are brand new and offer a plethora of posts all categorized and ordered neatly for your reading pleasure. As the days go by, I shall order the Food, the Portry, the Opinions and in fact all the options on the menu will be ordered and set up, so that takes away your last excuse reason for not being able to find stuff to read here.

If you want to sign up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge, you’re starting late, but there’s not too late so head on over to http://ultimateblogchallenge.com/



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    1. TheLastWord

      Thank you! I look forward to writing them!

  1. josna

    Good for you! I shall return throughout the month. I’m doing the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge, so we’ll both be busy. Didn’t know that there was another one in April.