Quite a few people have wondered at the sequence in which they should read those stories from my life. This page will deerukit you correctly. Check back in from time to time as the memoirs keep growing and you don’t want to miss a thing, do you? So here goes:


Bat, Batsman, Batting
Deep Blue Ripples in the Tissues of Your Mind
Late Kate - Radiant Way Reader
Summer of '69
First Day of School - DBPC
Forward Defensive


Forward Defensive
A Dead Body at Night
What is or Who did?
The Coconut Oil Chaperone
The Date of the Jackal
The Chemistry of Love
Chemical Bonding


Memories of a Time Well Wasted
Alice doesn't wear drawers anymore
How To Quit Smoking
Midnight Cooking
The Tale of the Cantankerous Cat
Jeepers Peepers!
The Traveling IT Guy and ...
Mr Deka's Nightmare - 1
Mr Deka's Nightmare - 2
Mr Deka's Nightmare - 3
Prohibition & Aristocrat
The Chennai Conflict - 1
The Chennai Conflict - 2
Hello World!
Hello World - The Edge of Darkness
Hello World - Chopped!
An Inauspicious Start
Baby Steps In
Bengali COBOL
Tea and dBaseII
5 Weeks


The First School Reunion
No ID? No Problem! - 1
No ID? No Problem! - 2
No ID? No Problem! - 3
No ID? No Problem! - 4
No ID? No Problem! - 5
No ID? No Problem! - 6
No ID? No Problem! - 7
No ID? No Problem! - 8
Boo Arrives
Spittle, Drool, Saliva, Snot and Slime
Immigrant Tales - Departure
Immigrant Tales - Arrival
Immigrant Tales - Alien Food


A Spell at last
Immigrant Tales - Kebabs: Chicken


Nasal Blues
Lunch with Lang - A Celebrity Encounter
Punjabi in Paris - Writer's Intro
Punjabi in Paris - Final Frenzy
Punjabi in Paris - Groundwork and Gruntwork
Punjabi in Paris - Walking Woes
Punjabi in Paris - Vast Versailles
Punjabi in Paris - Monastery at Mont St Michel
Punjabi in Paris - Normandy Notes 1
Punjabi in Paris - Normandy Notes 2
Punjabi in Paris - Normandy Notes 3
30 Years on the Rocks
Peas and Paneer
Making Glass
22 Years an Immigrant
Punjabi in England - London, Hyde Park


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  1. A.PROMPTreply

    Yes, I think this is very good. Much easier to see this way what we’re looking for!

    1. TheLastWord

      Thank you, I’m happy all the work paid off. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t much work, mostly procrastination brought about by late nights due to the Cricket World Cup currently happening on the other side of the world in Australia and New Zealand.

      Plus, I’m naturally lazy… 🙂