No Aloo? No point!

So this is it then. The end of civilization as we know it. The thin edge of the wedge. The most unkindest cut of all. Remember that song we used to play, Sam? It's almost over. The end of the world is nigh. There was a time when I lived in Calcutta (Kolkata,…

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If its over

The Slo-Man spent a large portion of his time trapped in hotels in the US during the course of a bruising and ultimately fatal Republican nomination battle. As his American friends and relatives would say, the Republican nomination race was a “train wreck”. And now that the big night is over and Florida,…

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Anna and the Change.

Some time ago, the Slo-Man had expressed his skepticism on the Indian political movement aimed at "eradicating corruption". Readers can read the original post here. And time and the subsequent turn of events has done nothing to diminish the Slo-Man's conviction that creating an expensive, bureaucratic, state-controlled monster is of no value. Where there…

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about the news from India

The citizens have taken to the streets again – this time the country is India. Slightly at odds with the ‘go-get-them’ approach that has permeated the middle class in recent years, the people have raised the issue of corruption within the government and the movement has gained momentum with the usual theatrics that…

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about the "most powerful leader" in the wwuurld

with apologies to Clarkson, May and the Hamster, but recently the Slo-Man has been gorging on a steady diet of Top Gear, topped off with James May's 20th Century and James May's Big Ideas.The Slo-Man's LifeLongBestFriend (LLBF) reported rumblings about Barack Obama and his (already) failed promises. The LLBF saw distress in the…

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about H1N1

and conspiracy theorists especially after getting an email the other day. The presentation highlighted the lack of lethality of H1N1 relative to other diseases that will wipe out mankind. A conspiracy theory was raised largely due to Rumsfeld's 1997-2001 chairmanship of a Tamiflu manufacturer. Leaving the nature of such viral (the Slo-Man apologises)…

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