about H1N1

and conspiracy theorists especially after getting an email the other day. The presentation highlighted the lack of lethality of H1N1 relative to other diseases that will wipe out mankind. A conspiracy theory was raised largely due to Rumsfeld’s 1997-2001 chairmanship of a Tamiflu manufacturer.

Leaving the nature of such viral (the Slo-Man apologises) emails for another time, the Slo-Man is left with a sense of unease.

Are the folks in power really in power? Do they really have control over the situation? Is this a reversal of the 80’s when AIDS was largely ignored by them? Are they over-reacting in compensation?

The Slo-Man is always interested in conspiracy theories, he believes Area 51 may conceivably have unexplained and secret alien spacecraft. However, he did see a show about 9/11 recently and was stunned to see a collection of young men in their late 20s or early 30s with a collection of MacPro’s cutting and analysing video footage frame by frame to prove their point.

And it left him wondering – who the heck pays them to spend their time doing this? Who funded the computer equipment? Now there’s a conspiracy theory for you.

Go forth and wonder……


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