Fruitful Work

Fruitful Work And so it came about that I, bored from lack of paying work, tired from a year of travelling, walking uphill, downhill, along streams, lakes, tiled streets, cobblestoned avenues, gazing where the daffodils were, probably, blowing in the spring, in places as diverse as The Eastern Townships, The Bruce Pensinsula, Lisbon,…

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Vespera – 1

A retelling of a tale by Sreyoshi Guha (By kind permission) To Read The Original Story And To Learn More About It, Please Click Here To See The Review. It was afternoon and the sun headed into the west as the doors of the prison closed behind her, closing down the fourteen years…

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About Sarbari Sen and their work Sarbari Sen is a world famous chef in her family. She feeds one husband, one daughter, one son and their many friends as often as she can. When not making rosgullas she dabbles in homeopathy, tolerates her kids and concocts tales of murder and mayhem. She has…

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Blank Horizons

About Debaleena Mukherjee and their work Debaleena is a homemaker who also reads and writes. Reading isn’t about “making time to read”. She reads wherever, whatever, whenever. Writing is her articulation of all the incoherence in her head. She lives in Bangalore. She needs books, coffee and cake, a reading-light and her recliner. Ink-Smudged Dreams-…

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The sunlight streamed through in violent, dusty motes. Dust lay everywhere. Every piece of furniture, not covered in dusty tattered sheets, contained a thick layer of dust. There was no sign of violence in the room. It was simply a room, dust-laden, quiet, lit up by sunlight, devoid of any signs of life.…

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