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She Seeks

She Seeks is the fifth book of short stories in the “She” series. Written by women around the world from various backgrounds, this book explores the methods people use to “navigate a complex world”.

A desire to revisit the past, or nostalgia, is one aspect of this discovery process. Another is the investigation of a problem and the various solutions available, maybe even gain some self-realization for future growth and capabilities.

The SHE project’s main aim is to provide a creative platform for women’s voices and their reflections from daily lives. None of the authors come from a ‘purely literary’ background – and yet, as scientists, bankers, professors, engineers, managers and homemakers, they all have a story to share.

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Turiya – by Brindarica Bose

This is a story that draws you in, inexorably, if that’s the word, towards a state of disbelief mixed with belief.

Radha, the main character, struggles with herself as she waits to cross the street. Visions, sensations, feeling of anxiety are mixed with a sense of dread. She is aware of who she is and believes she knows where she is, yet, at the same time, she is led towards an examination, of herself, her life and her personality. As she struggles with her state of suspension between reality and some higher level of consciuousness, we become witness to her mental state and the pressures that are being applied thereon.

The story is well structured and we are pulled into a state of mystery almost immediately. The language is simple and direct. The concepts, however, are not. I have always struggled with such concepts. Consequently, reading this story brought home to me my personal lack of awareness of the concepts of spirituality, mythology and beliefs. I recognize the names. I always get the impression that behind the names lies a deeper meaning of which I am not aware.

Did my lack of background diminish the story in any way?

Possibly. What do you think?

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