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She Seeks

She Seeks is the fifth book of short stories in the “She” series. Written by women around the world from various backgrounds, this book explores the methods people use to “navigate a complex world”.

A desire to revisit the past, or nostalgia, is one aspect of this discovery process. Another is the investigation of a problem and the various solutions available, maybe even gain some self-realization for future growth and capabilities.

The SHE project’s main aim is to provide a creative platform for women’s voices and their reflections from daily lives. None of the authors come from a ‘purely literary’ background – and yet, as scientists, bankers, professors, engineers, managers and homemakers, they all have a story to share.

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The Summer House – by Abhilasha Kumar

This is story-telling. Detailed descriptions, dialogues that let you in on the action and a tale that is as mysterious as it intriguing make this a delightful tale.

A story about story telling, about lessons to learn, but sans sermons. The tales of the past as narrated by the author of tales of even further past narrated by an aged aunt ring true. There’s enough history in there to make the stories believable. There’s enough fantasy in there to make them interesting. There’s enough truth in there to teach us a lesson. The lesson, however, is one we must seek for ourselves, learn for ourselves and apply as required, by ourselves. In this, the tale within a tale within a tale does its job.

The story builds up with a strong central character as a foundation. The author uses crisp and well written dialogues to push the narrative forward deftly. The descriptive elements paint a picture of the children, their food, their Mausi. The story brings us live images, as it were. It is how I would have liked this story to be told.

The lesson at the end is a bit obscure. I suspect it is so for a reason. We must seek it out for ourselves, as I said. I like that.

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