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She Seeks

She Seeks is the fifth book of short stories in the “She” series. Written by women around the world from various backgrounds, this book explores the methods people use to “navigate a complex world”.

A desire to revisit the past, or nostalgia, is one aspect of this discovery process. Another is the investigation of a problem and the various solutions available, maybe even gain some self-realization for future growth and capabilities.

The SHE project’s main aim is to provide a creative platform for women’s voices and their reflections from daily lives. None of the authors come from a ‘purely literary’ background – and yet, as scientists, bankers, professors, engineers, managers and homemakers, they all have a story to share.

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Godhuli – by Sreyoshi Guha

This is a story of power, of retribution, of vengeance.

Godhuli, raised by a strong mother, rises to stardom, but with a thirst for vengeance ingrained in her. As she comes face to face with the man responsible for her life, and her mother’s life, she comes face to face with her need for closure. The names of the characters are aptly chosen to represent the different aspects of strength, of womanhood, of power and justice. The tale has strong overtones of the injustices that exist in society and the plot is a strong one.

This piece suffers from a lack of detailed editorial oversight. The structure moves back and forth within timeframes. I struggle with too many flashbacks and this instance was no exception. There’s a strong reliance on the writer “telling” us rather than “showing” us. The act itself could have been stronger, more forceful.

The goal of the story was to lay out the social constructs that so constrain us, in our thinking, in our reactions and in this, it does what it set out to do.

The oldest profession is the oldest for a reason. What do you think that reason is? (Hint: it’s the essence of the story.)

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