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She Seeks

She Seeks is the fifth book of short stories in the “She” series. Written by women around the world from various backgrounds, this book explores the methods people use to “navigate a complex world”.

A desire to revisit the past, or nostalgia, is one aspect of this discovery process. Another is the investigation of a problem and the various solutions available, maybe even gain some self-realization for future growth and capabilities.

The SHE project’s main aim is to provide a creative platform for women’s voices and their reflections from daily lives. None of the authors come from a ‘purely literary’ background – and yet, as scientists, bankers, professors, engineers, managers and homemakers, they all have a story to share.

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Yatra – by Ashwathy Menon

Continuing with the dreamy nature of the previous story, Yatra by Ashwathy Menon, adds elements of mystery to the theme.

The story starts with a sense of urgency. Elements of anxiety and haste abound within the main character, Sasha. (I do believe I mean ‘protagonist’, but my vocabulary is wonky, so I may be quite wrong.) It then floats away into a dream like state, however, leaving us wafting along on waves of anxiety ourselves. We enter, with Sasha, a state of suspension, as we struggle to make sense of whatis happening.

The story is constructed well. The language flows easily and well.

I struggled with my own feelings as I read this. The story has strong elements of lessons imparted, beliefs, faith and spirituality. These are all issues I struggle with myself. The lessons are probably too explicit for my taste. I prefer the more inscrutable (or subtle) lesson, letting people work it out for themselves. I do see there are lessons there that I haven’t yet worked out. So, despite other overt statements, the ending still left an impression of depth, of a subtlety that is not apparent.

I’ll have to work on it! Let me know if you have to, too! That will make two of us!

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  1. Ashwathy

    Thank you for that honest review 💗 Much Appreciate 🌻