Easy, flexible recipes for the artist in you!

No Yeast Bread

A simple recipe


Cheese and Parsley Bread

A savory option


Blueberry muffins with sourdough discard

A nice start to the day


Cranberry Scones

A lovely treat for tea


Punjabi Achari Chinese Eggplant

A spicy eggplant curry


Aloo Gobi

Aloo gobi, aka cauliflower potato curry!


Adventures in Sourdough

The art and craft of sourdough!


Okra Yogurt

A healthy yogurt based dish



A tangy probiotic drink made from original carrots


Coriander Bottle Gourd

Few ingredients make this simple and easy.


The Great Festive Okra Recipe

Delicious and stuffed with spicy, tangy flavour!


Gast Toast – Part 2

Post-baking preparations and final steps


Gas Toast – Part 1

Preparation and baking process


Banana Bread

An easy dessert, ready to eat as is or with icecream


Five Easy Sandwiches

Fast, easy and minimum fuss!


Eggplant Mash

A tasty curry with roasted eggplant


Graked Fishies

An easy, no nonsense fish recipe


Eddoes and Yogurt

Eddoes in a flavored yogurt sauce


Punjabi Grilled Vegetables

A delightful side for your summer barbeque


Soup – Butternut squash

Another easy soup, full of flavor


Chicken Kebabs

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