Gas Toast – Part 2

Please read Gas Toast – Part 1 first. This is the easy part of the recipe. I kid you not. Completely true. We’re getting into the really hard part of the recipe.


Gas – If you don’t have a gas line and a stove that uses the gas coming from the gas line, you’ll have to move houses. Sell this one and move to one that has a gas line and a gas stove.

Told ya it was difficult.

Next: get this gizmo.

The Gizmo

Very useful piece of equipment. Very useful indeed if you want to seko rotis….. Not that I use it for that purpose. No, I use it to make Gas Toast.

Here is how. Once you’ve gone through all the steps listed in Gas Toast – Part 1, find a long bread knife. Flip loaf over head down and slice off as many slices as you wish to eat. Wrap the rest of the bread in plastic wrap and set aside.

Now take one slice and place on gizmo. Light up the gas burner. Turn on the exhaust. Especially, if you have a smoke sensor….. 🙂 Now hold gizmo exactly between 2.3578214 and 2.89423 inches above the flame. In about 55.5685 seconds the toast will be completely charred. Throw it away and try another slice. This time watch it like a hawk, inspecting to make sure it gets toasted to the desired level. (You can adjust the flame too, you know. There is that knob there. It’s there for a reason.) Hold it off the flame and flip slice over. Toast the other side. Remove to plate. Apply butter as per taste.

Bite. Chew. Repeat.

I will say this. When you ( read “You” as “I”) have an upset stomach, this is the ultimate comfort food. When down and feeling blue, this is the #2 ranked comfort food.

No prizes are being awarded for knowing what the #1 ranked comfort food is.

Did you solve the 176-671 reference quiz question I gave you in Gas Toast – Part 1? Lazy bones!

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  1. josna

    I love this. First, burning and scraping of carbon is inevitable, second, it’s delicious slathered with butter (and if you’re me, Marmite). And third, it reminds me of making toast on the bars of the electric heater in my student days.

    1. TheLastWord

      🙂 I love it too. I don’t bother to scrape it. Though sometimes… you know, you get a little distracted because someone liked your blog post or something…

  2. mindfulmagpie

    Ah, this brings back the memories. I do not have a gas stove but as a child my parents did. Sometimes in the morning my mother would light the oven and open it to warm the kitchen. Here is how she made her best morning toast: Light gas stove. Open package of hamburger buns. Lather up with butter, although back in those days all we had was oleomargarine, but we called it butter. Toast in oven until brown. After school she made cinnamon toast as follows: Light gas stove. Arrange slices of white store bought brad on cookie sheet. Spread with oleomargarine. Top with sugar and cinnamon. Toast until golden brown and flagrant. Thanks for the memories!

    1. TheLastWord

      I love it when old memories are awakened! It’s such a nice feeling to remember the “good old days”, life was simpler then, now that we can compare the chaos we live in..

  3. adsunsri

    Thankfully I have the gas and the line and the gizmo…so saved from the hassle of shifting or moving..not in my city with the hoarded luggage for a quarter of a century! Burning..not so sure, as there are a lot of things to distract us..and quiz..on numbers…count me out as I am left brained!

    1. TheLastWord

      So you’re all set!! HINT: Think of DIsney cartoons to get the 176-671 reference…