Pride in your Post

Notes to you. < some may get it, some may not. I don’t really care either way >

There are things called articles. Like “a”, “the”. Use them.

There are things called collective nouns. They don’t have plurals. “Computer code”, “apparel”, “hardware”, “software”.

Commas are useful things, if used properly, like in this sentence. Figure out how to use them.

English: A vandal corrects the grammar mistake...
English: A vandal corrects the grammar mistake in this sign at Leeds City station by crossing out the extraneous apostrophe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apostrophes perform dual duty. They replace missing characters , eg “It is” = “It’s”. They also show possession. “Tom’s hand”.

And no, I won’t repeat that “their” and “there” are two totally different thingies. All I’ll say is when you’re confused about that “you’re” and “your”, just remove the apostrophe and replace it with the missing character and see what happens to your sentence.

For god’s sake < see? Possessive apostrophe..> it’s < see? Contraction apostrophe..> not that hard! All it needs is the urge to improve.

Put some Pride in your Post!

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  1. Sandhya Suri

    Err…do correct the tag below your Blog Name…
    Learning to write right
    Learning to Rightly write

    Sorry. I am a grammar Nazi (I also do make mistakes). Loved this post.

    1. peevedpunjabi

      You do realize there’s a joke in that, right? I’m very happy you liked it.

  2. Uday

    Yes, these are the very basic mistakes that drive me mad whenever I spot them!

    1. TheLastWord

      yup – it was a frustrating day the day I wrote it ( or rather when the PeevedPunjabi came out )….