2014 : The Year

Another year older and a new one almost begun. So what did 2014 bring? It brought memories, travel to far off lands, some momentous events into the lives ( or life ) of the blog contributors or contributor. Let’s review the happenings.

We heard a third party perspective on how I met my Beloved Bangalan. An interesting viewpoint from the sidelines of a burgeoning affair.

We delved into who I am.

We tried to understand what I like, what I am like.

We asked questions about my gender.

Of course, we had previously explained why I blog at all.

We ranted about this, that and the other.

The Big Trip: The long awaited voyage to France was planned and then planned some more and it finally happened.

Paris was delightful, the Loire Valley serene, Mont St Michel broodingly majestic and Normandy was rife with the ghosts of strife; a strife the likes of which we hope never to see again.

We reached some landmarks and narrowly missed others.

All in all it was a not-bad, unassumingly, creditworthy blog year.

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  1. sakshinanda

    That was a nano-some post! 😀

  2. parichitasingh

    Eh, you are a bit late in reminiscing about 2014, aren’t you? But sound like a good year. Wishing you a better year in 2015.

    1. TheLastWord

      I could offer many explanations for it.
      1. I was travelling
      2. There was no internet access during travels
      3. I wanted to wait for everyone else to get theirs out of the way.
      4. I wanted to stand out
      All are true 🙂

      1. parichitasingh

        And I believe that last one is an after-thought– kind of silver lining of this traveling cloud. 😛

  3. wiseguy from the east

    liked the idea :D. WordPress has done a duller version for all. could do it in rhyme? 2014 was my 1st year on the blog with tech support from you and moral support from Purba, both alas petered out

    1. TheLastWord

      You’re doing alright… don’t whine!