Chemical Bonding

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A woman making and selling cotton candy/candy floss, Budapest, Hungary, April 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In response to the story, The Chemistry of Love, the curly haired, resourceful friend of the Candy Floss Bangalan, provided her perspective of the story. I am reproducing it here as a commentary to the original story. Here it comes – I have edited it slightly to bring it up to my exacting non-text-speak standards. Enjoy!

The first two months of college were a mad rush and before we even realized it was time for the Christmas break. A good ten days if I remember well and the Candy Floss Bangalan and I immediately started making plans about all that we intended to do.

We were on our usual walk down the streets of New Alipore, two giggly and excited creatures discussing the days events, national issues, films, parents, obnoxious brothers…..anything and everything that caught our attention just had to be commented on. All those lanes and bylanes in New Alipore are indelibly stamped in my mind, nothing surprising considering the hours we spent every evening walking down all those roads as we talked, argued, giggled……

Coming back to the first day of our Christmas holidays, the Candy Floss Bangalan wanted to learn driving because her family had just bought a new car and no one knew how to drive.

As luck would have it (or was it a strategy, SloWord? I wonder.) we came across SloWord practicing his sweep shots on a poky little patch of green in front of the New Alipore library.

We stood there chit chatting for a while (don’t know where to and when the other players vanished). I joked about how we were looking for a driver for the Bangalan’s new car. SloWord in a very horrified tone exclaimed “you don’t know driving?” as if every girl was born with her hands on a steering wheel.

“I’ll teach you both to drive. We’ll start tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning”, said he very chivalrously.

The Candy Floss Bangalan still looked glum. “Dad won’t let me use the car. It’s new. He’ll kill me if I were to even try”, she said morosely.

Without even a second’s hesitation SloWord said ,”we’ll take my car”.

We were still a bit hesitant.

“What if we were to bash it up”? said the curly haired resourceful one.

“That won’t happen with me as the driving instructor” countered SloWord with his usual elan.

So it was decided that we’d start the next morning; he’d pick up the Candy Floss Bangalan and then they’d come and pick me up and we’d all drive down to Red Road to learn driving.

That night I found an interesting book that kept me up till 4am, so when I heard the tooting of a horn I pulled up the pillow and covered my head pretending not to hear it. The tooting continued for a few minutes and stopped. Later in the day the two of them were quite indignant that I had slept through the honking and it was most unsporting of me. I apologized and promised to be up and ready the next day.

It so happened that I didn’t wake up early a single day of the holidays and the result was that within a week they were the cutest pair in college!!

Hey guys I still haven’t learned to drive !!

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    1. TheLastWord

      Dunno! I think she was just lazy…

      1. ragsie15

        She most certainly wasn’t lazy!
        Just intuitive n resourceful ?