One Year Ago

In the November of 2014, I wrote a short story. It was very raw, very abrupt and it didn’t really work. But it did have one central theme that seemed to have lots of potential. I showed it to Anjana Dutt and we went back and forth over it for several weeks.

Over the next three years, I built it up, added more depth, worked on the characters, their motives and tried to make them believable. Somewhere in those three years, the short story morphed into a 3-Act Play.

The cover was designed by Anjana, using my photographs. I love the cover, it stands out from what we typically see in what is known as “chick lit”, a term I find annoyingly offensive and condescending. This is a story about real people in a real relationship that has seen better days. The autumn leaves, from my backyard, signify the hope of rebirth and rejuvenation, as winter lies ahead but so does the rebirth of spring. In her design, Anjana has grasped the essence of the romance, the world of Alex and Phyllis.

Today marks the day last year when I made this available on Amazon. The reviews over the course of the year have been encouraging. Many people have told me I should have written a novel instead, I disagree. I believe it works well as a play, for we get to focus on the central strife of the characters without being distracted by descriptive texts to build context. By stripping away all but the crux of the issue we can focus on the actions and reactions and the choices that lie ahead.

Here are some of the comments I have received over the last year, since its release.

1. If you like to pause, listen, reflect on the spaces between the words, if you like to let your imagination take over and co-create with the author this one IS for you.

2. It’s incredibly layered and complex and does a fine job of showing the myriad shades of relationships.

3. The narrative is taut and engaging.

4. recommend it for anyone who is looking for a page turner

5. the story is so believably true and real lifelike

If you feel adventurous and want to try out something out of the ordinary, head on over to the sites listed below and check it out for yourself.

if you are aware of any theatre companies who may be willing to look at a fresh new script, let me know.

Remember: it took me four years to write so it must be good!!


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