My interview

The good folks at Pens, Paws and Claws decided they should run an interview. They scouted around for a suitable candidate and, lo and behold, they found me!

Thus, hence, ergo, therefore and so, my answers to the questions they posed now appear on the blog – Pens, Paws and Claws.

I must say this was quite an experience. I’ve never been interviewed before. Other than about 8 million job interviews, 7.995 million of which I successfully failed. this was a very different experience.

Of course, you know that SloWord was interviewed before and you read that. Bear in mind, that SloWord was interviewed by Ajesh Sharma, who is also Sloword. Yes, you’ve deduced correctly, that one was a self-interview. You can read it again by clicking here

This one, though, is real. Go over and read it!

Thank you Heather and the crew at Pens, Paws and Claws, for the opportunity to talk and reminisce.



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