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Well, you thought maybe you’ve seen the last of The SloWord, that I’d given up writing and inflicting my confusing thoughts on to you, that I’d gone off and got another job and therefore become too busy. You wronged me, for what I’ve been doing is designing a way to make your life easier, much much easier.
This blog has always responded to fair criticsim, uh.. feedback and looked at ways to improve. Given this devotion to continuous improvement I took the feedback from one of the readers very seriously. The reader a young niche blogger, (gardening – check his blog out here) said, “Your stories are all jumbled up and it’s hard to understand which story / event happened before what story / event. Can’t you provide an index of some sort, like an Archive Calendar/”.

The city decides to prune our trees in preparation for spring. (c) Photograph by Ajesh Sharma.
I thought hard about this, implemented Archive widget, but the problem is the Archive Calendar when a post was published; it does not tell you when the event happened in real life. The long, cold winter wore on and as the first signs of a reluctant spring approach, I think I may have solved the issue.
Check out the new Memoirs page. You can get it anytime from the Main Menu ( currently on top, right of the Home option). Every post in the category of Memoirs is listed in chronological order. As future posts are added, we shall auto reorder the list. Note also the new decade tags at the left of the post name. The ordered list and the decade tags together should tell you (a) what happened before what (b) when it happened, rounded down to the nearest decade.
Enjoy and tell us what you think. Can it be improved? If so, tell us how. Tell us also what you like and don’t like about it.

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  1. A.PROMPTreply

    Wow! I just popped over to your site today to be sure the WP reader hadn’t failed me and I missed something. Glad to hear from you again! Your work to bring up the timeline sounds impressive! I will go and check it out!

    1. TheLastWord

      Ah! Nice to know you missed me… 🙂 and that WP Reader works!