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English: Groucho Marx & anonymous blogging
English: Groucho Marx & anonymous blogging (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This is a quick post, just an update really. You know, the kind of post that doesn’t actually say  anything. The kind that starts of like this, in fact, and goes steadily downhill from there. Ah, that got you reading this far! You either love this blog more than anything else in your life or you’re the kind of person who has to run down the street in their pyjamas to look at the fire. 🙂
No, there is an update, of sorts. LeggieLefty has got off to a good start on his new blog and has already written a guest blog for Cricketwise; a thought provoking article on the Bendy Arm Brigade. You can read it here. Be warned it is very crickety indeed! Yes, LeggieLefty, who once graced these pages with his keen ear and failing eye for cricket has now got his eye in and is beginning to open up.
Well, you may think that we lost a contributor here. True, but the PeevedPunjabi and I are still strong and consolidating a lovely partnership. The SloMan has now assumed a more executive position as he guides those two into building a strong and healthy blog. One of his first decisions, nay, advice, was to create a new avatar and a brand new blog.
Thus, Unclejee was born. Unclejee is dedicated solely to the commercial side of things and in the coming weeks will be developing a strong branding platform. As the days go by, will see a greater share of attention as it bulks up.
That’s all the news for now. If you found this boring may we suggest that you read some of the other wonderful, delightful, powerful and provocative posts that you can find by using the menus up top? Or if you’re too lazy to do that may we suggest: Chicken kebabs, or read about Cantankerous Cats, peeping Toms, Prohibition. Or try bad date stories such as the Coconut Oil Chaperone and the Date of the Jackal. There are even travel stories, like the terrifying No Id No Problem series.
The list is endless! Let your patience be too!
Endless, don’t you know. Endless, boundless patience.

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