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BottledWorder is at it again – digging deep into the blogging experience and into the mind of the bloggist.
I did try the cute kitten trick and it definitely brought an uptick in traffic, so clearly the people have spoken! “Less coconut oil and more kittens” they say.
Should I break down and stop writing my stories and commentaries on what moves me, annoys me, gives me cause for wonder and pause for thought?
Or damn them and continue putting down what *I* want. Hell, it’s my blog, ain’t it? Who cares if no one reads – I love my stories, my recipes and my essays. I love going back and re-reading them, thinking of ways to improve them, new things to write about. And I enjoy every minute of the writing process.
I especially love the ones that came easily and were born almost fully formed, such as the one written in the wee hours in a hotel room in Buffalo NY, fresh from hearing that Rebecca Black would be appearing the next night on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, then watching the Libyan civil war on the news followed by the horrifying spectacle of the Japanese tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear crisis. That one post came spontaneously, appearing fully grown in about 20 minutes of writing.
And there are others that were not quite so spontaneous, but still came easily because the subject was close to my heart.
And there are difficult ones like this one, which took lots of effort to bring to the blog.
There are others. I created them all and I like them all, some have been read more than others and they’re all so different in flavor, covering so many different topics.
I’m not going to change.

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  1. josna

    Keep writing in your own inimitable style. The more you write, the more you will find your own distinctive voice.

  2. TheLastWord

    And some day WordPress will discover me, press me freshly and blogging fame will arrive in spades…. Good advice.