Chicken longingly computer

Yes, indeedy…. that is an actual search term that someone used in Bing to get to this blog!
Obviously, I’ve things to learn. What were they looking for? A picture or a video of a chicken looking longingly at a computer? Or vice versa?

A hen chicken (Gallus gallus)
A hen chicken (Gallus gallus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
And so they came here, read the Chicken Kebab recipe and left. Did they leave longing for chicken kebabs?
Which be bringing me to a peeve. You came and read and the blog offers 2 different methods for providing feedback, no, wait, 3 methods.
You can LIKE it, by clicking the Like button. The problem is there are any number of ghost or serial likers who like without reading. Please don’t be one of those!
You can rate it on a scale from 1-5. This is better than just a Like, it shows how *much* you liked it.
Best of all, you can leave a comment and tell the bloggist exactly what you think of the post!
And since I know you’re wondering. Google gave me this. You have to be as old as me and a techie to get some of it. Bing went all serious and gave me this.

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  1. josna

    You shamed me into giving you three (count ’em—three!) different forms of feedback. I often see intriguing search terms and feel a little guilty about having added to my viewer stats with a site visitor who was surely disappointed when they found themselves at my blog. I feel a little contaminated when the search term suggests that the seeker was looking for pornography (I regularly get such visitors to my (entirely innocuous) post, “Regulation Underwear”), but I console myself with the thought that they might actually read and somehow benefit from it.
    Anyway, good post! I enjoy your sense of humor.

    1. peevedpunjabi

      Now, that’s a thought; having mildly pornographic tags or suggestive titles. Who knows, someone may actually end up reading!
      The kitten tag definitely caused an uptick in stats, so there is something to be said for tags.
      The intent was not to shame anyone ( thanks for all 3 methods!).

      1. josna

        “The intent was not to shame anyone.”
        I know it wasn’t–just kidding!

        1. peevedpunjabi

          I know you knew. And I also know that you knew that I knew.

          1. josna

            And so on, ad infinitum. As in “we do it for our children, and our children’s children, and our . . .”

  2. dogear6

    Sometimes there seems to be no reason why someone comes, reads your blog, and then disappears silently.
    The chicken kabob recipe looked good, but getting a grill was really funny and oh-so-true.

  3. roughseasinthemed

    I came over from the Daily Post so figured I better leave a comment. I took stars and likes off my blog. Made no difference, and I figure this way I can tell who isn’t actually reading the blog as you can only ‘like’ it from Reader now (if that makes any sense). I prefer comments to scoring as many likes and stars as possible.

    1. peevedpunjabi

      > I came over from the Daily Post so figured I better leave a comment.
      So, in effect, you buckled under the pressure? 🙂
      I, too, much prefer comments. I’ve had some good conversations with commenters and bloggers. I don’t like just a like. Especially when a like appears about 3 seconds after I hit Publish…
      Try the butternut squash soup recipe – if you substitute water or vegetable stock it is totally vegetarian. People who’ve attempted it have had good things to say about it. The vegetarian chicken kebabs, you may not consider totally vegetarian, heh heh!
      See? I did read your blog!

  4. roughseasinthemed

    No, I do try to leave a comment whenever I read a new blog. If they comment or visit back up to them, just plain courtesy to say something unless the post isn’t worth it. I thought this was given the topic.
    A like as soon as you have published is funny. Especially when even I haven’t even finished re-proofing a post of more than 1000 words. Mmmm, how did you read that so quickly?
    He hates squash type things, although rather likes courgette koftas. I had just written about vegetarian chicken kebabs on this reply and was puzzled by your response. Ah, you came, visited, looked me up and didn’t comment. Eso va la vida.

    1. peevedpunjabi

      Actually I was quite distracted by conference calls and things. ( I have a day job as a consultant and those pesky clients keep expecting me to actually do things…) I only had time to read about half of your post (very long those posts, much longer than the ones on this blog 🙂
      So yes, sometime over the next couple of days I will be back. No worries.
      As far as the veg chicken kebab things go – I was referring to a post on this blog.

      1. roughseasinthemed

        I have things to do and don’t even get paid these days 🙁
        Yes, I write long posts. Partly because I mix the topics to cater for a wide readership.
        I did read the chicken kebab post. Which was why I didn’t comment on there.
        I do like Indian food there, takes up a large part of my recipe pages so if you post really veg ones I will be interested.

        1. peevedpunjabi

          The next recipe here is going to be my world-famous-in-my-immediate-nuclear-family recipe for eddoes (or malangas in Spanish-speaking areas) cooked in yogurt.

          1. roughseasinthemed

            I’ll look forward to it. Especially if I can find out where to buy them!

  5. Anonymous

    Hadn’t read this earlier. Just did and you know why! Can’t see anything objectionable either! Maybe she was just in a bad mood. Let it go.