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Neon music sign
Neon music sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Slo-man’s alter ego has kept him busy and occupied and the other personalities that live with him have been tied up too. You could argue that that is to be expected and you would be arguing with yourself. However, this post is about feedback, not the kind that Hendrix harnessed so harmonically, but rather your views and preferences.
What would you like to read next on this blog? Your choices are as follows:

  1. More of the Last Word’s cricket chat
  2. How to travel across international borders without photo ID
  3. The Tale of the Cantankerous Cat
  4. Chemistry of Love
  5. Of Fish
  6. Recipes
  7. Travails of business travel
  8. Music and me ( Yes, we are aware of the grammatical error, so thank you, but you need not write to us about it)
  9. A dead body at night
  10. Pomes

You pick, we write!

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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. araneus1

    seriously? no contest…………… a dead body at night!

    1. Slo-Man

      OK! The LastWord will be glad to recount this true story – actually all the stories are true stories. Voters on Facebook have also asked for #2, #3 and #10, so it looks a busy month is coming up.
      Thanks for dropping by…. how about your boy Ashton, eh?

      1. araneus1

        I’m a bit thick today………….. Ashton?

  2. Slo-Man

    Sorry – that’s a cricket reference. Young Mr Agar is playing for the first time against England and has already broken some records.