Late Kate

<Note: I see a lot of people searching for “Late Kate” and ending up here. Would you please tell me what you were expecting? I have found this search term very intriguing and I’d love to know more. Thanks >

Way back in time, in first grade the Slo-Man’s first tentative steps into the beguiling world of the English language consisted of the Radiant Reader. After “Sing mother sing. Mother can sing. Pat can sing. Mother sing to Pat. Pat sing to mother.” came the advanced story of Kate.

Kate was always late, hence her nickname – Late Kate. Daydreaming on the seashore, Kate was late again and “Alas, a big wave came and swept her out to sea”.

And nearly 50 years later another Kate, a much more famous Kate, is late again.

Or is she? Call the palace. Someone there is bound to know.

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  1. amitabh0

    Hi Slo-man, Wonderful memories of first grade and Radiant Reader! Was “Late Kate” in a story called “Saved”? There was a picture of a lighthouse, and perhaps a boat, in that story, and all I remember is the title of the story and the fact that someone was saved from the choppy sea.

    1. Slo-Man

      Kate. She was always late, hence the title of the story. “Alas, a big wave came and washed her out to sea”. Not sure if Spot, the dog, saves her or not. I rather think he does. Spot is a brave dog.
      Thanks for reading, Amitabh0, and also for commenting. We hope you find the blog interesting and we shall see you here again.

  2. Anonymous

    Came here to look for Kate that was late and was swept out to sea!

    1. TheLastWord

      Thank you… it’s not too late to read some other stuff while you’re here. Nudge nudge!

  3. Herman Fernando

    Late Kate is a meaningful story .I could only remember the gist of the story is not to be late.

    1. Slo-Man

      Thanks! Hope you were able to relive a memory or two!

  4. josna

    Okay I came here via a search because of your recent post about your regrets. So what is the nature of your regrets? Do you regret having used the popularity of the British Royal Family to bring readers to your blog? Most of the comments had no interest in Kate Middleton; they enjoyed the post because it evoked those very white, colonial English readers like Radiant Reader. It was a short, evocative post that left this reader wanted more. So it was successful. Who cares about Kate Middleton (OK, I know the answer to that.) My only regret might have been that I didn’t develop the Radiant Reader story and use an image from that rather than the ubiquitous KM. But she wasn’t just an add-on; I liked the added later of significance to “lateness”–referring to her due date, or to her pregnancy. Since then, she’s been late twice more. . .
    So, I think that the post was a little gem.

    1. josna

      P.S. Kindly correct my typos above: “… that left this reader wantING more” and “”…the added laYer of significance to ‘lateness.'”

    2. TheLastWord

      Hmm I regret writing that post because I get so many phantom visitors. Silent ghosts. I wish he’d stay and chat. I’m a very curious person.and I want to know if they found what they were looking for. I wish they’d stay and chat. It bothers me that I’ve failed to engage them… so many everyday come into my shop and not a single sale… that is sad. I regret that I wrote a post that offers false promises. Glad you think it’s a gem. Your opinion means a heck of a lot to me. Thanks for coming back.

      1. Sam

        I came looking for the story of Late Kate, which I read about 30 years ago in school (Radiant Reader, of course)